Bakuradze Tatia (1985 geb.)

ARTIST’S STATEMENT My visual language is surrealistic… Conceptual side of art, magical and fantastic worlds, the genesis and metamorphosis of human dreams is my main interests. I’m interesting in human’s dependence with the environmental world and with himself – themes, where the personality is questing himself, his aspirations and their transformations during the time, dreams and awakening… imaginary worlds, which every individual more or less carries in himself… unreal side of the real world… My works are carrying the idea of creation of moments between memories of past and hope of mysterious future… *** Born in Georgia in 16.12.1985 Lives and works in Austria EDUCATION SUMMARY Since 2016 studying at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and University of Vienna, AT 2015-2016 ERASMUS + | 10-month Education Program in Austria 2004–2011 Tbilisi State Academy of Art, Faculty of Architecture (BA Hons), GE 2008-2010 Program of Multimedia Technologies at the College of Information Technologies, Tbilisi, GE 1993–2000 Music school of Asureti, major in piano, GE EXHIBITIONS / PROJECTS 2016/03 ⦁ Group exhibition “DIVINE CONNECTION”, Sarto Art Agency at RIZ, Waidhofen/Ybbs, AT 2015-2016 ⦁ The Program of ERASMUS + Youth in Action (EFD), Art projects at Youth Center BAGGER, Waidhofen/Ybbs, AT 2015 ⦁ Solo exhibition ” LEMON YELLOW DREAMS” – series of the works, Museum of History, GE 2014-2015 ⦁ Participant in the project “German settlements in the Transcaucasia in the XIX century”. The project held by “Association for the preservation of German cultural heritage in the South Caucasus”, GE ⦁ Photo project ASURETI / ELISABETHTAL, GE 2012-2013 ⦁ Project: “MY FUNICULAR”, Catalogue, TBC Art Gallery, Tbilisi, GE 2013 ⦁ Project: ARCHITECTURE and APPLIED ARTS in CAUCASIAN MOUNTAINS, Oni, GE ⦁ Project: “LIFE IN THE OWN FOREST” – plants in Interior and exterior, GE ⦁ Project: “THE BLUE FRUIT”, GE ⦁ Project: “SPATIAL DESIGN and The COLOR GREEN”, Tbilisi, GE ⦁ Group exhibition dedicated to the 80-th anniversary of the Georgian International Creative Union of Artists, Tbilisi, GE ⦁ Christmas Exhibition on the Shardin Street, Tbilisi, GE 2012 ⦁ Solo exhibition “LABYRINTH OF ILLUSIONS”, Gallery VERNISSAGE, Tbilisi, GE ⦁ Project: Rest of the Islamic Architecture and Art in Georgia – possibilities of reconstruction of Turkish hammam, Batumi, GE ⦁ Group exhibition “GOLDEN AUTUMN”, Mtskheta, GE. ⦁ Project: Illustration for Georgian fairytales , GE ⦁ Group exhibition “LOST CITY LOST LIFE”, Istanbul, TURKEY 2011 ⦁ Spring Exhibition “VISION OF OLD MEMORIES”, Mestia , GE ⦁ Group exhibition “MAGICAL MUSHROOMS”, Istanbul, TURKEY 2010 ⦁ Experimental exhibition in the building of old factory: “Former Industrial Buildings In The Future” ⦁ Project: “BLACK SEA CONCEPT”, Batumi, GE ⦁ Group exhibition “POMEGRANATE”, Istanbul, TURKEY 2009 ⦁ Photo Exhibition “FROM RUIN TO RUIN”, Botanical Garden of Tbilisi, GE ⦁ Group exhibition “THE CROOKED MIRRORS”, Tehran, IRAN 2008 ⦁ Group exhibition “UNDER OF OPEN SKY- NEW OLD WAR”, Tbilisi, GE ⦁ Group exhibition “ART BAR”, Tbilisi, GE ⦁ Group exhibition “SUN OF DISPUTED TERRITORY”, Tbilisi State Academy Exhibition Hall,GE 2007 ⦁ Group exhibition dedicated to the 85-th anniversary of the Tbilisi State Academy of Art, GE ⦁ D&AD Design-Workshop hold by British Council Georgia and Alexandre Duma French Culture Center, Tbilisi, GE ⦁ Dutch‐Georgian project: ” RESOURCEFULNESS and TRANSFORMATION of SOVIET TYPOLOGIES”, Tbilisi, GE ⦁ Group exhibition “MEMORY”, Tbilisi State Academy Exhibition Hall, GE GRANTS / PRAISES 2006-2008 Scholarship of Presidential Fund at the Tbilisi State Academy of Art, GE MEMBERSHIP Since 2013 member of Georgian International Creative Union of Artists WORKS ARE KEPT Private collections: Georgia, Turkey, USA, Germany, Austria, UK, France, Netherlands, Ukraine